As the site grows in popularity, we’re inundated with general enquiries for commonly removed items, so it’s not always possible to reply to questions that are already answered here in our FAQs. Have a browse so you won’t be disappointed.

All commonly removed items such as window cuts, registration cuts, landing gear doors, fuselage skin cuts, flight deck seats and panels, cabin memorabilia, seat identification markers, information/exit signs, demo kits, life vests etc. will be listed in the website shop as they become available. Our social media pages will post previews and updates of new aircraft arriving and dates when this might be.

It might surprise you to know that some passenger seats are not removed due to the cost and effort involved. Take a look at what’s available on the website and if you have a specific enquiry regarding these, do drop us a line.

All sales of common items will be via the website, and in order to give as many people as possible an equal shot at owning some memorabilia, particularly the BA 747 fleet for example (a sad loss for all, and by far our biggest generator of enquiries), we do not keep a waiting/reservation list for these items. Watch our social media or bookmark the shop website page and pop back to look at the latest items added.

If you have slightly deeper pockets and are looking for something quite special and larger …..entire cockpit cuts or specific livery cuts etc. or for B2B business enquiries, please use our contact form.

Don’t forget to like and follow our Facebook Plane Reclaimers page and Instagram @PlaneReclaimers where new aircraft arrivals and some individual parts will be previewed.  You can register for our news letters now too, just go to the foot of any of our pages.

Thank you for reading.